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Jean Alesi at Ferrari

Who doesn’t like to watch Jean Alesi drive a Formula 1 car? Just watch the video of Alesi’s Ferrari being chased by Senna in his McLaren to see what I mean.

Alesi vs. Senna, first laps Estoril 93 [HQ]

Jean Alesi (Ferrari) takes the lead with an incredible start, and gets chased by Ayrton Senna (McLaren)

He should have achieved so much, but somehow it never quite happened.  Despite spending several seasons at the sharp end of Formula 1 he never bettered 4th in any Championship year and ended his career with one victory to his name. Better than none, but back in 1990 the potential had seemed so much more…

There are many ‘ifs and buts’ in any driver’s Formula 1 career, and at Formula 1 Heroes we have set out to examine what might have happened if…

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Here are some other views from around the world on Jean Alesi’s career. Spectacular, yes, ultimately one of those potential World Champions who never quite made it. 

Jean Alesi Was Right To Go To Ferrari

I’m going to go back in time today and look at an item in history that I don’t think has ever really been resolved.

Come with me back to 1990 and imagine a young Jean Alesi – driver of the moment, the man who had impetuously passed Ayrton Senna’s McLaren in his little Tyrrell, the man surely destined to be a multiple grand prix and championship winner. The man who had somehow managed to sign himself to both Williams and Ferrari contracts at the same time and who now had to choose which one to go with. A contract hoo-haa erupted, but Ferrari were the eventual winners and young Alesi would be partnering his hero, Alain Prost – the world was at Alesi’s feet.

Fast Forward to the end of the 90s and there’s Jean once again, 1 grand prix victory under his belt, no championships and a bemused paddock wondering quite what had happened to the man destined to be one of the greats. During the same period, Williams had made world champions out of Mansell, Prost, Hill and Villenueve as well as winning 5 constructors championships. Continue reading Jean Alesi at Ferrari

The British Grand Prix 2013




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