Formula 1 Heroes 1989 – Senna & Prost, Race-by-Race

The 1989 Formula 1 Season starts here!

The 1989 Formula 1 Season starts here!

Rio, March 26
Senna and Ferrari’s Berger are eliminated at the first corner of the first race. Prost’s McLaren limps on with a faulty clutch. Nigel Mansell wins in his first race for Ferrari.
Prost – 6 points
Senna – 0 points

San Marino
Imola, April 23
The spark was ready to ignite for the rest of the season when Senna ‘steals’ the lead from Prost at the first corner of a re-started race and goes on to win. The McLaren pair’s pre-race agreement to avoid a potential accident by holding back from whichever is leading at the first corner comes to nothing – and it does nothing for their relationship.
Prost – 12 points
Senna – 9 points

MonacoMonte Carlo, May 7
Senna again gains the upper hand over Prost despite losing two gears. A race Prost should have won.
Prost – 18 points
Senna – 18 points

Mexico City, May 28
Senna makes the correct choice of tyres, while Prost makes two pit stops to forget. Senna maintains his momentum.
Prost – 20 points
Senna – 27 points

Phoenix, June 4
Prost finishes way clear of the rest, while Senna’s engine management system lets him down and he is forced to retire.
Prost – 29 points
Senna – 27 points

Montreal, June 18
Senna is set to take full advantage of Prost’s second lap retirement with a broken suspension, until his engine blows up with three laps to run.  As you were.
Prost – 29 points
Senna – 27 points

Paul Ricard, July 9
A second consecutive DNF for Senna, this time with transmission failure.  Prost wins with spectacular ease.
Prost – 38 points
Senna – 27 points

Silverstone, July 16
Senna’s troubles mount, spinning off with another transmission glitch, Prost in his mirrors.  The worst scenario for Senna, as a delighted Prost takes over the lead for his third victory of the season, now way ahead on points.
Prost – 47 points
Senna – 27 points

Hockenheim, July 30
A topsy-turvy race, as a botched pit stop for Senna gives Prost the chance to take the lead – until that McLaren gearbox spoils his race three laps from the end, and Senna reaps the reward.  Prost still finishes as runner-up. Mechanical failure is even-handed in the end.
Prost – 53 points
Senna – 36 points

Hungaroring, August 13
A McLaren is out-raced for a change, Nigel Mansell scoring a famous victory over Senna as the Brazilian driver hesitates over a backmarker and Mansell zips through. Prost meanwhile finishes a distant 4th.
Prost – 56 points
Senna – 42 points

Spa-Francorchamps, August 27
Senna proves his skill in the rain once again, apparently oblivious to the spray as he wins the race well ahead of a battling Prost who just manages to keep a determined Mansell at bay.
Prost – 62 points
Senna – 51 points

Monza, September 10
Senna’s victory seems assured until the engine lets go eight laps from the flag, handing the race to Prost – who then complains that his qualification time nearly two seconds behind Senna was due to his Honda engine lacking the power of Senna’s car.
Prost – 71 points
Senna – 51 points

Estoril, September 24
Disaster for Senna as Mansell takes him out while Prost pursues eventual winner Berger. The Championship is starting to look a lost cause for Senna, who now needs maximum points from the last three races.
Prost – 77 points
Senna – 51 points

Jerez, October 1
Senna wins to keep his hopes alive, while Prost is pushed back to third by Berger.
Prost – 81 points
Senna – 60 points

Suzuka, October 22
The moment of truth! Will Senna win again to keep the Championship in sight?  Yes, but, no but…what an anticlimax!  Senna wins pole by a distance, and wins the race after a ‘brave’ passing move on Prost which nearly puts them both out of the race. That would be the  best result for Prost but not for Senna, who limps to the pits for a new nose cone, eventually finishes first, only to be excluded for a technicality – disputed long into the winter…
Prost – 81 points
Senna – 60 points

Adelaide, November 5
A lost cause for Senna, who crashes into the back of Brundle while leading in torrential rain. His consolation prize of an end-of-season victory is handed to Boutsen.
Prost – 76 points (81 points in total)*
Senna – 60 points*

*A driver’s ‘Best 11’ finishes counted towards the Championship.

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3 thoughts on “Formula 1 Heroes 1989 – Senna & Prost, Race-by-Race

  1. Your question is a good one, and as oterhs have demonstrated here, hard to answer precisely. But, yes, Senna must be included on the list of the very very best F1 drivers. I can really only echo what oterhs here have already posted and say that I would put Sir Jackie Stewart, Alain Prost and Fangio on that list.However, I would also add one extra personal choice, Il Leone’, Nigel Mansell. Not because he won a series of world championships (like Schumacher), nor because he had powerful connections like Jacques Villeneuve (who is one of only two real racing stars’ I have seen in these past 10-15 few years the other being Eddie Irvine), nor because he could always command a race better than anyone else. No, none of these things are true. BUT, he did have more courage and sheer determination than any other racer of his era, and the only one who ever had the courage to race wheel to wheel with Senna. Remember him literally pushing his empty-of-fuel car to the line in the soaring heat of Dallas in 1984, but not making it because he fainted? Now, that’s courage! And F1 needs a bit more of that these days, I think. Thanks for your question, and take care.

  2. Senna was the greatest and his rilvray with prost is legendary. However, and this is just persona opinion, I much preferred his battles with mansell in 91+92. My 2 favourite drivers going toe to toe.

  3. Senna foi o derradeiro kmzkaae da formula 1, os seus parceiros de luta, como prost, mansell, piquet (pai) eram pilotos de exceleancia e ate9 mesmo os segundos pilotos ne3o ficavam atre1s, plotos como berger, patrese, alboreto, boutsen eram membros duma classe onde a F1 sf3 tinha um limite a vitf3ria final

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